Features Of Instagram: Reels, IGTV, Feed, And Stories: The Top Guide

Instagram has now become a popular social media site among youth. Engagement on Instagram seems like a tough challenge for those who use this platform to promote their product or service. However, Instagram has features that you may use to build your brand and promote your business account.

Instagram Reels:

The recently introduced feature of Instagram Reels immediately got hype among the marketers and business owners. Do you know why? If you run a social site for any business, you may understand that you only have the first 5 to 10 seconds to catch your viewers’ attention. And on average, you can make them view your video content for not more than 2 minutes. Instagram Reels is a short video of 15 seconds featuring your brand, product, or service along with texts, emojis, hashtags, and filters. You can edit it however you want. Remember that it should be fun and engaging for the viewers.

There are several ways you can make your Reels content interesting and engaging. However, if you are new to this feature and need some time to practice and apply it with more perfection, you can do otherwise. The second option is you can buy Instagram Reels views. This way, your Reels will get views. Even if you have a large audience, buying Instagram Reels views will help your business account grow bigger and bigger.


Instagram Reels feature is quite similar to TikTok videos.

The video content you create should be unique and entertaining to catch viewers’ attention. Don’t move to reels unless you become a pro in other Instagram channels.

Avoid copying your TikTok video to Instagram Reels. Similar and repeated content may appear boring to the audience.

Carefully notice your target audience’s interests while making content for reels. You have various options to edit your reels and make them captivating for the audience.

Follow The Framework Value

While creating content for any social media platform, try to avoid the monotony and come up with unique content. You can opt for the given tips to make your content stand out and viewers’-eccentric.

Timeless: Create something that won’t be outdated after a while.

Innovative: Put creative ideas and make unique content.

Aspirational: Be future-forward but realistic in your content.

Valuable: Incorporate some knowledge and tips that would be helpful for the audience.

Feed: Instagram Application

Your Instagram account is all about the appearance of your feed. It should be aesthetic and appealing to the viewers. You should upload photos and images that are not only attractive but complement your brand’s story. To promote your Instagram account, whether private or public, you have to keep your feed updated with new and innovative content. You should be aware of the latest trends, news, and people’s interest and need to talk about them frequently via uploading images on feeds or sharing stories.

The Instagram feed is the Instagram homepage. It is a place where you can get new followers for your account. Whether you post about your products, services, or business, it must depict your core vision and values.

Other than using attention-seeking photos, you have to use captions that can retain the viewer longer and make them read till the end. The captions shouldn’t be lengthy – just like we talked about videos unless you have a fascinating story to tell.


Keep your Instagram feed updated with fresh and engaging content to gain more followers. Tell about your brand through images and captions without exaggerating it. Instead, create informational and entertaining content. By creating interesting content, you can not only hit the large customer base but make the mystery loyal to your product.