3 Top Ideas To Make Marketing Via IGTV A Big Win 

When you step foot into the world of digital marketing, you must be equipped with all essential information and have knowledge about its implementation. Otherwise, you will soon realize that in the pool of millions of e-commerce businesses out there, you are going to sink into oblivion, leaving no legacy of your company behind. 

Since big fishes of the market are always ready to overshadow small-scale businesses and startups, setting up a strong game of social media marketing is equally important for both types of businesses. And you must agree if we say that Instagram is one of the few best platforms to do so. For a fact, it now seems too common to buy Instagram reels views, likes, or comments to increase engagement on your page. However, boasting about your company without having anything practical to offer is certainly not going to help you. Hence, here we are along with some useful tips to help you make the right use of this Instagram feature. 

The Type of Content Shared On IGTV

Creating brand awareness surely is the core of digital marketing. But, the way you present the content so that it appeals to your audience is the real struggle. It may seem a no-brainer at first, but the deeper you dig, it will be revealed to you how brands go to all lengths to make themselves stand out in the market. Therefore, you should first learn how you can create content that will immediately grab your target audience’s attention.

We have also got you a few examples of brands for inspiration that are killing it with their innovative videos on IGTV. 

Mejuri, a jewelry brand with a successful IGTV series entitled ‘Inbox Stories’, it’s a kind of episodic content that revolves around any particular theme. Sharing this type of content allows you to develop a strong connection as if the theme gains popularity among the masses, people will keep coming back to your official page to find more authentic and useful content. 

Tarte Cosmetics, a makeup brand with numerous IGTV videos shared with the help of makeup artists extends knowledge about their brand impressively in a creative way. This is based on the most common yet result-oriented method called how-to videos. Tutorials, product demos, and reviews, Q&A sessions, all come under this thread. 

ESPN, a sports network used to share IGTV videos incorporating branded slides where they have animated graphics to pull off the overall presentation of their video content. Text, timelines, etc. to create section breaks and divide videos into small segments also keep the viewer captivated throughout watching the video. 

Pick Up Some Aesthetics and Stay Committed To Them

You might have seen some profiles displaying consistent aesthetics throughout their feed, stories, and now even IGTV. It’s because these aesthetics make their profile stand out from others, giving it a unique and personal taste. It can also be a small yet effective attempt to attract an audience that can resonate with your profile’s aesthetics. 

Interact Via Live Streaming

It’s totally up to you if you want to host a talk show with any renowned, leading personality from the same niche as your company, or just a live Q&A session with your followers to talk about your growth, future plans, and take suggestions from them. Save them for posting later is also a way Bon appetit follows to develop their IGTV content. 

Final Words

Having said all, if you want to go an extra mile making a smart investment, you may consider buying reels views and comments. 

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